Book – Single-authored monograph

Gajevic Sayegh, A. (2019), “Justice in a Non-Ideal World. Bridging the Gap Between Political Theory and Real-World Politics” 256 pages. London: Rowman and Littlefield International.

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Book Chapters

(2020) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Environmental Justice”, Essential Concepts of Global Environmental Governance –  Second Edition (Morin, J.F. and Orsini A. eds.), Routledge.

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(2018) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Climate Finance: Moral Theory and Political Practice” (T. Jafry, ed.), Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice. London: Routledge.

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Publications in scholarly journals

(Forthcoming) Gajevic Sayegh, A. « La tarification du carbone et l’utilisation de ses revenus au Québec et au Canada », Politique et Sociétés.
(2020) Gajevic Sayegh, A. “Moral Duties, Compliance, and Polycentric Climate Governance”, International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics; 20, pages 483–506.

(2020) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Du Virus au Climat”, La Vie des Idées, Institut du Monde Contemporain (Collège de France).

(2019) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Pricing Carbon for Climate Justice”, Ethics, Policy and Environment.

(2018) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Climate Justice After Paris: A Normative Framework”, Journal of Global Ethics, 13(3). pp.344-365.

(2017) “A Case of Non-Ideal Guidance: Assessing Tax Competition”, Moral Philosophy and Politics. 4(1), pp.141-171.

(2016) “Justice in a Non-Ideal World: the Case of Climate Change”, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, pp.1-22.


Book reviews

(2020) Book Review. Economics & Philosophy. “Taxation”, M. O’Neill and S. Orr (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2018.

(2016) Book Review. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. “Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection” by Henri Shue, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014.

(2016) Book Review. Contemporary Political Philosophy. “Catching Capital: The Ethics of Tax Competition” by Peter Dietsch, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2015.